Information on the different types of carpet for your home.

Types of Carpet

When the time comes to choose from various carpeting options, many buyers feel an understandable sense of anxiety. The number of choices can prove to be overwhelming. You want to make the best decision, but few people have any real information to help them do so. Instead of viewing all the carpet varieties as a source of confusion, think of them in a positive light. There are carpeting styles to fit all needs! To help consumers make better decisions when choosing a style, following is a rundown of the types of carpet flooring.

Carpet Styles
  • Velvet: Nice and soft, untwisted yarn. Velvet is for those who want to exude a sense of luxury.
  • Cable: Thick yarn that gives rooms a casual look.
  • Shag: Nice and warm, long yarn. Many use shag to give rooms a cozy look and feel.
  • Frieze: A shaggy style composed of twisted fibers. Very durable. Does not mat easily.
  • Saxony: Soft, twisted yarn with a sharp angular cut.
  • Plush: Made from very tight twists of yarn. Plush is very soft; in fact, owners will see pools in the pattern whenever the fibers turn away from the main direction.
  • Loop: Best used in homes and offices in which there is a lot of walking. Households with active kids may want to go with this style. Level loops have a smooth appearance; meanwhile. Pile loops are of different yarn heights and thus appear patterned.
Consider asking these questions:
  1. What is the expected cleaning frequency?
  2. Does this type mat easily?
  3. Is this style able to handle the daily running and playing of kids and/or pets?
  4. How much protective padding does this carpet require?
  5. Will it easily show vacuum marks and footprints?
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