The Advantages of Natural Stone Flooring

The natural world is full of beautiful elements that can be brought inside to create a perfect living space.

The natural world is full of beautiful elements that can be brought inside to create a perfect living space. From accent pieces like plants and flowers or tree branches and shells, to something more permanent like natural stone flooring will add warmth and character to a home.

There are important advantages to stone tile that complement the aesthetic appeal, making natural stone flooring option a good choice. At the top of the list is durability. This type of floor is built to last.

Natural-Stone-Flooring-Advantages                                                     Today, natural stone flooring selections still include the early utilized limestone and sandstone as well as travertine, slate, marble and granite. All come with distinct benefits to the homeowner and provide a striking style to any home. The highlights of each are:

Granite - This stone is heat, scratch and stain resistant and the hardest option available.

Marble - This is not as hard as granite, but its unique quality is that it becomes more beautiful over time.

Slate - This stone is remarkably versatile and comes in a variety of colors, shades and textures.

Travertine - With its roughhewn look and neutral colors, travertine adds interesting texture to any environment.

Limestone - A smooth, durable stone with a wide-range of color choices.

Sandstone - An even surface stone that comes in dramatic colors, patterns and designs.

As with many things from nature, every stone tile is different and no two will look alike. They all come in a variety of colors, patterns and designs, providing flexibility in creating a singularly unique look. Stone tile is versatile and works with a wide-range of decor from sophisticated to rustic to avant-garde.

On the practical side, natural stone flooring is stain resistant, great for high-density areas, anti-abrasive and provides a clean and crisp look to rooms. Once sealed, the stones are simple to care for and maintain. An investment in stone flooring adds a quality product to a home, increasing its resale value.

Bring the outdoors in with natural stone flooring and you'll have an eco-friendly product that enhances your home and will stand the test of time.