Hard Surface Flooring

Learn about our different hard surface products available at Holloway!

Our Hard Surface Flooring

We don't just specialize in soft surface products, we cater to residential and commercial environments that are after hard surface products like wood flooring and laminate, too. In fact, our showroom is comprised of over 10,000 sq. ft and with that is a very large selection of hard floor products.

Carpet OneWood Flooring

Hardwood FlooringWith it's divine beauty, warmth, and durability, this flooring has the curb appeal that many desire.
Engineered Flooring - Different from solid hardwood, engineered flooring is built in several layers, giving it the flexibility that an environment may need if moisture is prevalent. This product is great for multi-level use, allowing the planks to expand and contract more so than solid hardwood.
BambooResembles a similar look and feel to that of hardwood but it incorporates a more exotic beauty and maintains an environmentally friendly approach due to bamboo's fast growing qualities.
Cork FlooringUnlike bamboo or hardwood flooring, cork leaves consumers with a very unique taste and takes a more modern approach to resilient flooring.

Our Exclusive Brands: 

Carpet OneTile

Great for a little bit of everything from flooring to backsplash designs in showers, bathrooms, and kitchens, tile offers durability, accented style, and ease of maintenance. Shop Tile

Our Exclusive Brands: 

  • Bel Terra
  • Earthscapes

Tile Flooring Tips

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Carpet OneLaminate

While many are drawn to wood flooring, laminate flooring offers versatility in affordability, value, style, and longevity. Many can attest to the realistic characteristics that mimic wood flooring and even stone flooring, yet, it can withstand extreme wear and tear with no visible signs for years! Shop Laminate

Our Exclusive Brands:  

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