Cork Flooring

Information on an environmentally flooring option for your lifestyle.

Advantages of Cork Flooring

Cork is a renewable, natural flooring option harvested from the bark of special Cork Oak trees, which are found in Tunisia, Portugal, and Spain. Within recent years, cork flooring has become a popular choice in homes because it’s a green option that also offers beauty and durability. Here’s a closer look at some of the advantages of going with cork in your home.

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Healthy Choice
Since cork naturally resists termites, mildew, and mold, it’s a healthy choice for your home. It’s anti-microbial as well, and it won’t shed microfibers or off-gas negatively impacting air quality.

Cork flooring is resistant to abrasions and cracks, and it’s also impermeable by liquids, which makes it a great flooring choice in busy homes. Since the flooring bounces back, furniture won’t leave permanent indentations in the floors. With proper care, these floors can last for decades.

If you appreciate flooring that is comfortable to walk on, you’re sure to like cork. When compressed, this flooring gives, which gives you a cushioned feeling when you’re walking on it. Since it’s a natural acoustic and thermal insulator, the floors are naturally quiet and they retain warmth as well, which can be important if you live in a cold climate.

When you choose flooring, you want to keep safety in mind. Cork is fire-resistant and will only ignite or melt at extremely high temperatures. If it does combust, it releases fewer toxic materials and smoke than some other types of flooring.

Beauty and Diversity
You can find cork planks and tiles in various sizes, styles, and colors, which makes it a diverse option to consider for your home. If you want a floor that looks nearly seamless, planks are a great choice. Tiles in alternating or single colors can give you a modern, unique look throughout the home. No matter your sense of style, you’ll be able to find cork that fits into your home’s décor.

If you want an eco-friendly flooring choice for your home, cork flooring is a perfect choice. It’s healthy, durable, comfortable, safe, and beautiful. Consider this gorgeous flooring option, which is perfect for nearly any room in the home.