A great environmentally friendly flooring option.

Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring

An increasingly trendy alternative to traditional hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is attractive, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Bamboo floors are not ideal in all homes, but those who opt for this beautiful flooring can enjoy years of beauty and durability. Detailed below are just a few of the many benefits of installing bamboo floors in your home:

An incredibly versatile material, bamboo can be used in nearly any room of the house and can complement nearly any interior design. The material naturally has a golden hue that looks great in rustic kitchens, but it can also be made more elegant through carbonization. Homeowners can choose between installing horizontal, vertical, and woven bamboo flooring. Horizontal and vertical floors have a more contemporary look, but woven is a great fit for those with an affinity for the exotic.

Carpet OneDurability
The durability of bamboo differs somewhat based on the presence of carbonization, but if harvested and manufactured correctly, bamboo can actually be harder than many types of hardwood. Scratches do occur over time, but these can easily be addressed through refinishing. During the refinishing process, bamboo floors are sanded down. This is followed by the reapplication of a finishing coat. At the end of the process, the bamboo looks like new, despite having been installed years or even decades ago.

Bamboo and hardwood are very similar in terms of appearance, but with a few distinct differences. Bamboo typically features more variation from one plank to the next. While some homeowners prefer the homogeneity of hardwood, others feel that the variety of bamboo design makes it more visually appealing. The natural golden hue of bamboo is also appealing, but those who desire a darker, more sophisticated look can opt for carbonization.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable flooring materials, as it takes between three and six years to mature -- compared to the decades required for the trees that produce hardwood floors. Furthermore, bamboo is not killed when harvested. Thus, the same plants can continue to produce flooring material for decades. The LEED-certified material also requires minimal pesticides or fertilizer, thereby making it a truly natural option for household flooring.

Few flooring options are as beautiful or as versatile as bamboo, which provides a refreshingly affordable alternative to the traditional hardwood home.

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